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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ranting about facebook...conclusion

******************************Where we come from*****************************

**************************************************************************** More of the rant about Hamlet Au's New World Notes blog of a few days ago. I won't copy Mr. Au's rebuttal to my first comment, it did sound convincing. You know, convincing in that don't confuse me with facts my minds made up and I know more than you mentality. And perhaps he does, his response can be found on page two of comments... just before the following. My counter below: "Mr. Au...I bought and read your book, and that was after I had been in Secondlife for awhile. When I read that, I saw someone immersed in this world I've come to love. You were here near the beginning. You as much as anyone should understand that Secondlife is not easy... it will never be easy, at least the Secondlife I know and love. I don't remember now how I found Secondlife, it wasn't the CSI episode and yes likely it was and advertisement somewhere. Here's the thing... my guess is that you as well as most everyone that comes to Secondlife and decides to remain has had my experience with proselytising about this world... the very few we even talk into attempting Secondlife don't find what they are looking for. People want simple. People want quick. People want easy. People want Facebook. With Facebooks track record of security... no way. @Lili said it well..."Facebook is only a distraction for Linden Lab." "OK, let's say we get people to sign up... we've got sign ups now... what is it, less than 15% stay past first hour? If Linden Lab wants to improve concurrency? There is a way... it was a way that seemed to work before. SECONDLIFE is not easy, don't dumb it down... restart the Mentor program... restart the Help Islands. At the risk of irritating more than I may have already, my take of a great number of the people we all know: About forty years ago when I was in my late twenties I asked a very brilliant friend of mine if she thought I was and elitist. {this friend had a PhD in education as well as a masters in speech pathology} She patted me gently on the hand and said, "No dear, and you may not be exceptionally bright... this world's full of dumb S.O.B's." I'm still not and elitist and not nearly as bright as those that created our world... but if so many of us in-world can see so many of the problems, problems that could be fixed without a major outlay of cash. Why can't those that run this world. In some cases we all know why... to fix some would require saying a mistake was made. If we don't help the ones that do sign up... signing up more won't help." For what it's worth................ And so it goes My love to you all, brinda Namaste नमस्ते


  1. Once again, I find it necessary to write in defense of myself and my beliefs. Let's start with my claim that all the deals Facebook makes are strictly one-way. Facebook gets all the rights, and the other party gets all the obligations. There is one crucial fact that we must not overlook if we are to perceive our current situation as it is, rather than in the anamorphosis of some "ideology" such as oligarchism or lexiphanicism. Specifically, Facebook is trying hard to convince a substantial number of lackadaisical bozos to unleash carnage and barbarity. It presumably believes that the "hundredth-monkey phenomenon" will spontaneously incite what I call sinister loan sharks to behave likewise. The reality, however, is that Facebook's ventures should be labeled like a pack of cigarettes. I'm thinking of something along the lines of, "Warning: It has been determined that Facebook's fairy tales are intended to rot our minds with the hallucinatory drug of statism."

    You may make the comment, "What does this have to do with what I call reckless hatemongers?" Well, once you begin to see the light you'll realize that by promoting both classism and gnosticism, Facebook's insinuations are doubly gin-swilling. Of that I am certain because Facebook's epigrams are not pedantic treatises expressing theories or extravaganzas dealing in fables or fancies. They are substantial, sober outpourings from the very soul of pessimism.

    I want to supply the missing ingredient that could stop the worldwide slide into chauvinism. That may seem simple enough, but just the other day, some of Facebook's domineering understrappers forced a prospectus into my hands as I walked past. The prospectus described Facebook's blueprint for a world in which grotesque blackguards are free to censor any incomplicitous tracts. As I dropped the prospectus onto an overflowing wastebasket I reflected upon the way that Facebook says that honesty and responsibility have no cash value and are therefore worthless. Yet it also wants to convince innocent children to follow a path that leads only to a life of crime, disappointment, and destruction. Am I the only one who sees the irony there? I ask because its cause is not glorious. It is not wonderful. It is not good. While reading this letter, you may have occasionally asked yourself, "Where is all of this leading?" and, "What is the point exactly?" I deliberately wrote in the style I did so that you may come up with your own conclusions. Therefore, I leave you with only the following: I have had enough of Facebook's anal-retentive half-measures

  2. Willy, Thank you for your comment.
    I suspect that the chances are extremely high that I will never get to sit down with Mark Zuckerberg. It's a given that what information I do have about him is heresay...
    Since all the information I have heard concerning he and his company's policy is negative, it surely colors my judgement. The stories I have heard, and the policies of Faceblook that I've witnessed have convinced me that I would never want to be associated either Mr. Zuckerberg or Facebook.