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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ranting about Facebook... part one

*****************************Where we come from******************************

***************************************************************************** OK, My great plan for a blog topic suddenly changed. I had a long semi ranting comment on Hamlet Au's New World Notes blog... Hamlet had posted from Mitch Wagner about how he {Wagner} just didn't seem to want to take time to come in-world, and that Facebook met his needs today. Along with all that, so many today have decided that Secondlife is both a little too difficult and takes too much time. These people prefer Facebook or at least those kinds of "social media" applications. I guess to say I got carried away would be and understatement. First my comment... then Hamlets response. Tomorrow I'll post my reply to that response. In the interest of brevity I'll paste that comment here: "OK Mr. Au, Have a great time with "social media", go spend your time on Facebook and any other shallow log in/log out platform that pleases you. But I'm curious, for one that's made at least a partial living from Secondlife {as a Linden for one}, and spending so much of your time writing this blog about Secondlife... why? Why even bother with Secondlife at any level... unless writing about Secondlife pays your wages? Some months ago you abandoned us for Blue Mars or at least that was a perception. While I often have appreciated your reporting. Your constant calling for the end of Secondlife as we know it and shilling for Facebook isn't what I expected. For me you have lost credibility. But of course I'm sure what I think is of no consequence to you. What do these people have in common?@Medhue @Lili @Roslin Petion @Ciaran Laval @Laetizia Coronet @Tinsel Silvera @Adeon Writer @Ignatius Onomatopoeia @Aliasi Stonebender @Rawst Berry @Paisley Beebe @Rin Tae @Nickola Martynov @David Cartier. Times up! They have time to log in to a virtual world and immerse. Some like Nikola seem to find similar things as I do. I can look at IMs to Email, see there's a minor question or issue from a resident, log in fix issue and log out. Other times I may spend what is and inordinate amount of time in-world... loving every minute of it. After nearly four years in Secondlife I'm every bit as infatuated with the almost infinite possibilities. For me the magic has never ended..." OK, more tomorrow And so it goes My love to you all, brinda Namaste नमस्ते

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