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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More bits & pieces of Secondlife...

*****************************Where we come from******************************


There's and old saying that, "All new brooms sweep clean".

We saw a lot of that with M. Linden. He came in and swept our easy viewer UI away, implemented the disaster called spewer 2.ought oh, all the while seeming to clutch as desperating at the helm of our sinking platform as Ahab did after Moby Dick rammed the Pequod.

This new guy, Rod Humble, seems very different. I've swung from exhilaration to pffft let's see and back after listening and reading what he's had to say. In these last few hours Phaylen Fairchild has done a podcast with Mr. Humble. To say it would be difficult to BS Ms Fairchild would be and under statement... as far as I know she's the oldest active member of Secondlife bar none, as well as one of the oldest accounts period. Listening to that podcast... our dream just may continue. One of my single biggest complaints has been that those at the Lab didn't actually spend time in world... this guy (Humble) does, both as his CEO account as well as just another nooblet. He really seems to "get it", please take a listen to the audio, it's around 27 minutes and see what you think.

On another tack... Ann Otoole is P****d! And I can see her point. Looking at her recent post about RedZone... if it is as she's described it, it makes me uncomfortable. I have never used a copybot viewer and I won't. I'm one that believes that those of you that are content creators are the heart of virtual worlds and to effectively steal your content is not just illegal (and I suspect most content thieves aren't caught), it's unethical. [ethics... that's the practise of doing the right thing when no one's going to know]. I have "purchased" the freebie she's described and fully intend to do as she suggests. I suppose it's back to that thing that if I don't... who will?And if I don't do it now... when?

My love to you all, brinda Namaste नमस्ते

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