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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


***************************Where we come from************************* **************************************************************************** I know most everything changes... Some things change for the best.... And others not so much. I'm old enough now that often I'm able to see more than just one side of almost any issue. One of the latest things to cross my virtual radar is the announcement that Linden Lab will increase pricing for educational regions to those amounts paid by the rest of us. We have the doom sayer's announcing that this is the beginning of the end etc..... I don't believe that. I believe that Linden Lab is a business, a business that attempted to entice major corporate entities in world along with many educational institutions....I would guess that along with providing a virtual world for meetings and education....there was the hope that those attending would also find Secondlife interesting enough to buy land and content. It hasn't worked that way...and therefore the Lab will raise the prices and those that have gotten a price break will either absorb the new cost...or go away. My bet is that for all of us that aren't using those regions, we will see no difference. ****** Other things that aren't changing as fast.... In some ways these things are very different, and yet very much alike... A recent post from my friend Boyd Doghouse on his blog Parktown Progress is worth a look. One of Boyd's comments is,"If trolling is all about the lulz, how come people rarely laugh when they do it?"

Just after I read Boyd's thoughts {thoughts by the way I totally agree with} I came across this post on the web. In so many ways this attitude times 3 or 10 or? is what caused the pain that allowed a young man named Tyler Clementi to take his life. I believe there may some day be and end to this..... but it won't be for many lifetimes.

Secondlife it's self has changed...a lot. One can read Pituca Fairchangs stories of the first days and know that those days are long gone...those days were pretty much gone when I came in 2007. Today it's not often that I venture out on the grid to any of the so called "welcome areas"... all too often we see people falsely abuse reported and I'm not that interested in driving to San Francisco and walking into Linden Lab to prove I'm not a child.

I'm not ready to leave Secondlife and I'm also not naive enough to believe that I came make much of a difference....But I can't not try.

And so it goes

I love you all, brinda




  1. Wow! Your statement "...there was the hope that those attending would also find Secondlife interesting enough to buy land and content. It hasn't worked that way..." is so misinformed. Incidentally, its non-profits, so not only will educational groups be affected, but also groups that work with the disabled and libraries, among others.

  2. Yes Caro...So many of the non-profits achieve amazing things, good and necessary futures...and I'm sure you know I have always supported those places in Secondlife that improve life for us all. But sadly I suspect those entities don't increase the Labs bottom line, and that is where their focus seems to be.