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Monday, October 25, 2010


******************************Where we come from******************************


Benares hosted the October Secondlife Bloggers party last Saturday...and no I didn't take pictures ( I know, fire me!) We did have a pretty good crowd...28 people at one point which wasn't bad considering when I planned this I apparently didn't realize that Burn2 was going to be in full swing! ( great planning on my part). I can tell you I had a sleepless night the eve before party...The evening of the 22nd I got an off line IM from Hexxie of the Born Again Pagans letting me know that he had badly burned his hand that day and was going to have to cancel his performance for the 23rd. I could tell he felt really bad...but if you stop and think about's amazing we can actually put on a show with people from different continents using our own private tech devices. Hexx will be OK, it's just necessary to let his wing heal...and wonderful of him to give me as much notice as he could. So, in my usual panic, I IMed Porter and called, Help Me! She told me just would be OK.... she found us a DJ to cover the time from 3pm to 4pm.... Mick Oxygen. He did a great job for us... and did it with very short notice...sure gets my recommendation!

Now I hesitate to say who was at the party...'cause I know darn well I would leave someone out...and I would feel badly for that. I did have several notable bloggers and my great thanks to them all... while we read one anothers written's nice to see one another face to face as it were.

One that was missing was Wizard Gynoid... I know where Wizzy was... Burn2. Take a look at the image below... Wizzy with the burning prims of her temple falling around her.

******************** OK... a couple of other things going on with me.. One is I'm wondering what to do about one of my residents. Lynnes not logged into Secondlife in a few weeks now and her tier is nearly that far overdue. I hate these situations with a passion... one never knows if the resident is gone forever...are they in hospital...on vacation and forgot to tell you. I try and put myself in their position and think about how I would feel if I logged in and found my place gone. I occasionally have residents IM me letting me know that "X" has happened and that they will be in world on "Z" day to square up with me and I do appreciate those communications.

I would be telling an untruth if I said the money wasn't important. Yes, I want a community...but at the same time I'm not wealthy and while I'm not going hungry the Benevolent Monarchy gets their nearly six thousand dollars a year from me rain or shine. I guess in this case I will wait until the end of the month, and at that time I will have a couple of very nice private island parcels for sale.

All in all this last weekend was positive... I made a couple of new friends... I'm getting a bit more comfortable with my real life part time job... I'm just about getting a system for spending time in world as well as work sleep shop heh heh.

I do have a few changes I need to make with my inworld life and I've got an IM into Ling to chat about those. While I'm a lot older real life than she...I've learned to ask her advice.

It's late now...and while I'm just beat... I'm not sleepy, just loopy! =^..^=

And so it goes

I love you all, brinda



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  1. Awesome party! I got 3 pics. I could send those to you.

    I hope Hexxie gets better soon!