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Sunday, October 31, 2010


******************************Where we come from*************************** *************************************************************************
Secondlife can be so very intense, and I'm not certain why that is...or why that is for some of us. Perhaps some of that has to do with the apparent *time compression* here. If you have been around for a bit you soon find out that a few weeks in Secondlife can feel as though a lot more time than that has passed. My three and a half years in Secondlife feels more like another lifetime. Another place intense situations can be found is in the role playing communities. This past week has been a time for me to reflect... to look back on some of my residents. Some of them have left Secondlife, some haven't left Secondlife yet... but I can see that some of the magic is gone, others have returned. My sweet island girl Gin just passed her second rezz day and yet has been gone for nearly eighteen months and the way that happened still doesn't feel good. Another dear friend fell deeply in love here and I mean real love... the long real life phone calls... the *what if* planning of a future...until the wife he didn't have called one day and said he was married and was going to stay that way. That has a way of taking away a lot of the magic we come here with. I think one of the sadder stories has been one of my beautiful friends that ventured off into some of the very dark role play that's to be found in Secondlife and has reportedly harmed herself in real life... {don't under estimate the power of role play}.

On a positive note one of my favorite guys has returned to Benares. Jakob was a resident over a year ago... took a break for some time but seems to be rejuvenated, he now has a parcel on mainsides east shore where the view of the Secondlife sunrise makes for a wonderful view... a view that befits his new beginning here.

One of Flors friends, Chrissy, has joined us... Cammie graciously moved all her objects over one parcel so that Chrissy, Flor, and their group can enjoy a group build project on the Southeast corner.

Lastly this past week had me doing the one thing that I hate the worst as a region owner... parcel returns. One resident hasn't logged in in over a month now, and her tier was nearly that far in arrears. Another long term resident has also fallen away from Secondlife. In her case there were three of them that had a great time together and for just life's reasons they have gone different was just time. While I would love to provide a place for a community no charge, simply put...I can't afford it.

I think it was on Lordgreggregs log in splash screen that I saw the quote that every beginning comes from anothers end.

I'm still so blessed... I never dreamed it would be this way

And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda



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