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Friday, October 8, 2010

Playing..........and "The Rose"

******************************Where we come from******************************


Welcome home Victoria! Victoria hasn't furnished her place yet but already a few of us got together to chat... It's images such as these that I have come to love...just those times when suddenly we get together as one. (Raven, Victoria, Bubbles, Myself...and about 5 minures before Lala came)

Today Barbara, Lita, Raven, and myself went to AM Radios sim and played with cars, my pink tank, and a few violent bang bang things. That place is likely one of the few places you can go wide open in a land vehicle here in Secondlife. Both Lita and Barbara tend to be a little reserved so an outing like todays was good fun for them.*********

I had to take a nap today...I've taken a part time job and I'm not used to sleeping in the afternoon..... as I was awakening, Bette Midlers song, "The Rose" was playing in my head. It's not new by any means...and I just wanted to embed it here.

I found this clip..... the creator sounds young (everyone sounds young anymore =^..^= ). The song still brings tears ....I hope you enjoy it.

And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda




  1. I love your "Where we come from" feature, Brinda :) This time, I have to chuckle just a little...

    Odds are, you might have more than one reader in the Dallas/Fort Worth area whose IP address points to Richardson -- which is to say, where Time-Warner/RoadRunner's servers are. But I'm going to be just a wee bit self-centered and assume that's my "where we come from". :)

  2. Thanks brinda! That was a good day. I wish I could've gone to AM Radio's sim again. I told you I got to meet him, didn't I? I didn't get to really talk to him because he was listening to his friend talk about/complain about how someone took credit for her work...very bad. But it happens.

    "The Rose" is a wonderful, timeless song. I remember one time I heard it as I drove into my neighborhood one night. :-)

    Your "Where we come from" feature is great, I love it too!

  3. is you! As you likely know, that pict is a bit away from the lat/long of IP.

  4. BTW...I'm very unclear as to our locations via IP... My cable provider is 10KMs away.... the nearest communications towers are on a coastal mount 8/10 KMs from there. And yet, as you know, my IP comes up as Santee... that's 51KMs away from Imperial Beach.