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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Doom & Gloom? Maybe..maybe not..

******************************Where we come from*****************************

***************************************************************************** I started thinking about the content for this post last evening... I let it "cook" over night and as so often happens more information comes around. In case you've been out of touch with all the latest chatter and/or gossip there has been an announcement that Phillip Rosedale is again stepping back from the CEO position of Secondlife. Now that announcement along with a lot of the various seemingly failed experiments by Linden Lab this past year have created a atmosphere of doom and gloom. If some one were to write a scenario made to order to create a feeling of unease it would be difficult to beat some of these:

Viewer 2.ought oh...

Display names...

Mesh... (while the concept is great... who benefits? More high end users?)

Hiring and firing 300 people...

Raise the price of non profit regions.... lower the price of non profits (just a week later)

Disband the Mentors Group that did free work for you, working with nooblets one on one...

There are likely more.... but you get the idea.

I read this post today from Crap Mariner...I really like it!

I had a chance to got to Burn2 today.. I saw an IM from Hexxie of The Born Again Pagans and decided to ask a few of my friends to join me. While there I saw and old friend of mine...and oldbie from 2004. I asked Doc about what was going on...and was there cause for concern. His response... much as I suspected... all the screaming has been going on since his rezz date. Just relax and enjoy.... and keep an eye out for rats leaving the weather deck (that last part is mine.)

OK...just got an IM from Wizzy...I guess she wasn't done with project after all. OOOOPS! I had returned her project :-((

Sorry Wizzy , coming now

And so it goes

I love you all, brinda



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