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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Home & Friends...

**************************** Where we come from ************************* **************************************************************************** Some of the greatest gratifications for me in Secondlife come from those I meet that stay at our guest house for a bit when they new...they go explore the Secondlife grid for awhile...then return and decide that what Benares has to offer is special. Some explore for a few weeks, some like Maxine are gone for a year. Other people find us after spending a few months in Secondlife, they like what they find and make those same decisions. Again, that's what I wanted from my earliest days in Lythria, a viable community.

The images below are examples of both of those situations****

Other 'stuff'...
Yesterday was a great time at soror Nishi's art exhibit at IBM. soror had invited Hexxie and Madame, The Born Again Pagans , to perform and as usual their performance was one of the highlights of my entire day.
More 'stuff', Today.........
My friend Boyd has some suggestions for an on going problem here in Secondlife.... I do know that there is a problem with false abuse reports. Please check out his blog post and see if you can contribute some viable suggestions.
That's all for today
May we all look for and find tolerance with those that we don't understand...
And so it goes
I will love you all, brinda

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