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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Must it always be, "Me First"?

******************************Where we come from****************************** I came to Secondlife May 2, 2007 along with that great rush of people that found this virtual world during those heady days...I think many of us were totally smitten with the dream we perceived, "Your world...Your imagination". That was the line of the time, not fast easy fun. I still believe much of the dream I had my first days here... but I do understand that not everyone has that same dream or the goals I have. If there are fifty thousand people on line today just as in fifty thousand people in real life there will be those with personality "issues" know the ones.. we've all met them. When they drive their cars, they drive aggressively... when they go somewhere where we line up, they're the ones that will push in line... I've taken to calling them the "me first" group. In Secondlife we can often find them at some of the so called welcome areas... Moose Beach, Ahern, Waterhead are a few of the best known. You will find them deliberately running into people... sitting on people...just anything to be annoying....doing things that a blogger I know calls "edge casing"... just on the edge of doing enough to get an abuse report, but not quite. A day or so ago I met another of the "me first" group, I was having a chat with one of my friends and a new acquaintance when the "me firster" started running into us and sitting on our heads. Of course when I IMed the question of "what the F****s wrong with you" {not a wise move I know} the behavior escalated and at that point a TP home for a couple minutes was the wise move. Below I've set a couple of images of the "me firster's " I've edited out all the identifiable details because I believe that a lot of the behavior these people practise is just their way to achieve notoriety. I see all this as rather a sad waste of the great opportunity that Secondlife provides for people of all cultures to meet, learn, and collaborate in a friendly informative way. No matter where I have traveled in the world a few things are universal... we all seek to be safe, loved, warm, and fed.

I know that here in Secondlife I'm an idealist...that the way I can act here isn't safe, physically or emotionally, in many places in that other world, but I want to dream. I want to dream about how it could be.

And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda




  1. Gladly, most Brash gadgets were crippled when Havok4 came about. A few years back, bumping was the slightest of your worries at welcome areas when most trolls had attachments which could knock you 3 sims over. DX

  2. Yup! Sometimes "the good old days" just werent that good were they!