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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A big yard?

*****************************Where we come from*************************** Looking at this location... For me this is another indication of what Secondlife can do... Below, three of our residents houses.... Ravens place on the West shore..... Victoria's just next door.... Below, Fenna's from the East homestead...

************************************************************************** I know most of us are in limbo as to the direction that Secondlife is headed.... I was thinking today as I read some of the blogosphere that the prediction of doom and gloom has been here as long as I have. When I was new I wasn't aware of all the chatter as I am today...heck, I was worried about how to change my hair...and not get accidentally naked at a welcome area.

For those of you that came after me... we used to have gambling... we had *banking*... land scams.... ad farms.... and bots, lotsa bots. "Resident" concurrency reached 80,000, but many of those were traffic bots and while some of that still exists...not so much now.

Yes, I have set up and account in another world and intend to have a place for my Benares family to move to if we have to... but I'm not certain that we will have to go.

Linden Lab still has a lot of employees... and while there are certainly non disclosure agreements with most if not all...if there were signs in the wind that the lab was for sale or in danger of closing I'm betting information such as that would leak out in one day.

I remember back to those heady days of 2007... I doubt we will ever see days such as those again... but maybe thats just my perspective from this far down the road.

Ever return to a childhood home? The yard that was so large then just isn't 30 years later. I'm gonna stick around till someone flips the final switch.

And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda



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