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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Secondlife benefits

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The benefits of a Secondlife for me...

In the last couple of days that subject has come up in conversations with my friends... One of those friends I view as a daughter because of the forty year or so gap in our ages, the other I view more as simply a friend because our ages aren't quite that different.

A little perspective if I may.... For a lot of reasons best left for a more intimate setting I have always felt just a little bit emotionally out of step with the rest of you... I think I first became aware of that nearly sixty years ago and it took a long time for me to be able to see what I was thinking...and why. In a chat with my younger friend I asked her what was the most intimate thing humans do? You see, for me it's not sex, sex can be intimate yes....but for me dancing is the single most intimate thing. Dancing requires two people to use a lot of non verbal communication and that requires a brain connection... that brain connection leaves me feeling very vulnerable. For a lot of years after I understood a lot about both you and I there was a constant struggle to emotionally identify. I think part of what Secondlife does is to remove enough input that I'm actually able to concentrate more on what is said and less on those silent signals that we use to communicate. Now the downside of that is the very signals we lose in Secondlife are those signals that so often let us know when people are being false. How often do we all see "relationships" go wrong here because one or the other has a hidden agenda.

My older friend was feeling that she wasn't accomplishing anything in Secondlife. Like myself, she can't build...neither of us can script...she simply felt she was drifting aimlessly through this virtual world. Now keep in mind that in her real life this woman is an accomplished classical pianist, she has nursing experience, she's no slacker in any sense of that word but Secondlife requires we find something to do, and she hadn't found her niche. After all, there's only so much pixel sex or shopping or hanging out at Moose Beach.

I sat my friend down at our friend Barbara's fantastic build... Barbara is a graduate architectural student from Berlin and what she can do in a week I could never do in a lifetime... and neither could my friend. But what I think I was able to do is to show my friend that while I can't create esthetically pleasing objects I can create a community. Creating that community isn't why I came to Secondlife originaly... I came out of a sense of fascination and then I fell in love with this world. After I bought and created Benares, I began to see that while one can buy pixel sand anywhere...what we had here at Benares was different, it became a community. A community needs and anchor...and I gather that's what I have become. My friend and I chatted for quite sometime and before we both logged off she told me that she had gained a different viewpoint of her path in Secondlife... she could see that just as in our other life we have limitations... that doesn't stop us from becoming successful.

For me, those times I get to sit down and actually deeply communicate with you where ever you are, are the times that I feel I'm accomplishing worthwhile things in all worlds.

{Even if I am a little bubble off of center =^..^=}

And so it goes

I love you all, brinda




  1. Sounds like she'd really enjoy the bloggersparty, sister.

  2. Hehe... Hexxie,She's been commanded to appear!

  3. I think the Social Arts are some of the most rewarding and demanding. Those graced with social talents should again and again be made aware of how valuable they are to us all.

    Buildings don't make a world.

  4. From you soror, that is indeed high praise.

    Yes, without words to describe those objects of art this world would indeed be a poorer place.

    Without music, I for one, would be doomed to listen to the cacophony in my head.